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If you want to see the *really* immodest stuff, click here.

I am also a collector of sorts, and am currently working on a complete collection of Tournaments Illuminated

In my 38+ years in the SCA, I have tried my hand at a great many arts, crafts, sciences, and activities of the era. I cook, and have an extensive library of period cookbooks. I make armor, jewelry, and furniture, three distinctly different skills. I sew my own clothes, and have made my own shoes, embroidered some small things, and done several scrolls, both the calliagraphy and illumination. Another of my "hobbies" is making soap. I started making soap in 1996, and am oddly proud to say I have not purchased a bar of soap since. Of course, this gets plenty of comedic retorts, but truth be told, I make better, longer lasting, and more environmentally friendly sopas than any of the major manufacturers. More truth, there are a great number of individuals who make far better soap than I do, but I really like making my own. A tool I have found invaluable is this Excel spreadsheet, which contains a very thorough and comprehensive list of the fats one might make soap from, and their "saponification values", and, using the power of spreadsheets, calculates the quantity of water and lye required to turn the fats you want to use into the soap you want to make. Odds are very good that soon I'll turn this A&S info into its own page, and just have a link to it from here, but for now, since I'm in a hurry, here it is.



One need not be a knight to be virtuous, but one must be virtuous to be a knight. Or, as Christiana Crane puts it, "Prowess is what makes the man a killing machine. All the other stuff if what makes them a knight."

Please note that I have left "Chivalry" off the list of Knightly Virtues. When I thought about it, I realized that in fact, Chivalry is no less than the sum of the Nine Knightly Virtues. To discuss Chivalry is to discuss them all. When one has been Chivalric and Virtuous for a significant period of time, they might discover that they have developed probity, a very desirable state indeed. Not technically a virtue, more the result of being virtuous.

Websites of topical interest:

The webpage of my teacher, Mistress Ælflæd of Duckford

And that of her son, my squire, Magnus Gunwaldtson

The Chronique, a Journal of Chivalric pursuits

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