Awards list for Cathyn Fitzgerald

Updated May 6, 2012

* closed order
# order renamed "Pilgrim's Badge"

I now have the distinction of being the Last Champion of two seperate regions. I was Champion of al-Barran during the term of TE Kragon and Sarah, Baron and Baroness of al-Barran, and when they stepped aside for TE Trevor and Fermina, the position of Champion of al-Barran was closed, and the ancient positions of Baron's Champion and Bearer of the Baroness's Favor were restored, and as such, I am Last Champion of al-Barran, declared by them as such.

The Principality of the Mists had a position of high esteem, given to the unsuccessful finalist in Mists Coronet Lists, Champion of the Mists, and the consort was titled Lady Champion of the Mists, with many duties and responsibilities appertaining thereunto. When one's term of Champion of the Mists was completed, they were admitted into the Order of the Silver Ivy. Over time those duties of the Champion and Lady Champion were lessened, transfered to others, or simply eliminated. It was the decision of TH Loy and Sof'ia to close the position of Champion and Lady Champion, and change Principality Law such that now the unsuccessful finalist and their Consort are simply admitted into the Order of the Silver Ivy the day of the Lists. In admitting myself and my Lady, Elena Edgar, into the Silver Ivy, Prince Loy declared I was the Last Champion of the Mists, and my Lady is Last Lady Champion. I live for unusual unofficial titles and distinctions such as these!

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